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Welcome and thank you cordially for visiting Gyeongil FB.
Gyengil FB is going go be the company opening the future of fine balnking
with high quality & performance products
Gyeongil FB is producing the fine blanking mold its products.
Fine blanking has accomplished plentiful improvement and development in its technology in short period of
time following the development speed of Korea in the rapidly changing global economy.

The experts of each field have been gathering together in Gyeongil FB and moving forward to set up new paradigm
searching for how to step ahead in the keen market competition.

We ard dealing with all the processes from the mold development to the production with our own capability based
on the assumulated porcessing experience and technology power.

We assure that Gyeong FB will be with you for every detail of the fine blanking under the belief that nothing is impossible
unless we have gone through it. We would like to thank you again for your care and love to Gyeongil FB, and wish you extend
lavish support and guidance to us.

Thank you!
CEO Kang dong hwa